viernes, 6 de febrero de 2009


Afortunadamente desde el miércoles no han cesado de llegar abundantes muestras de cariño y amor. Las suficientes para desprenderme de "la pelusa" que me envolvía desde la pasada semana. Me siento feliz y radiante, tanto es así que he decidido concederme licencia para cogerme un buen "melocotón", en tanto regreso no os perdáis este "Peach", mirarlo, escucharlo, leerlo, bailarlo.... disfrutarlo.

PRINCE - Bagley's Warehouse- London, 7 septiembre 1.993

Uh-oh, here she come
She got them gold hot pants on again
Yeah man
I wanna talk, but I don't know her
She's a peach

She was dark - she was tan
She made me glad 2 be a man
She was young - she was smart
Just one glance and she stole my heart
The kinda girl U wanna teach
She's a peach

Summertime, feelin' fine
Gettin' wild all that's on my mind
Here she come dressed in red
Get her done is all that's in my head
Her hot pants can't hide her cheeks
She's a peach
She was pure, every ounce
I was sure when her titties bounced
Every way she's a winner
Turn a gay preacher 2 a sinner
No one U want your mama meet
She's a peach
(Look at that girl playin' hard 2 get)

I would die if I kissed her
I would try, but I'm last on her list
She's so cool and I'm so ugly
I'd be a fool 2 think she could love me
This kinda girl's always outta reach
She's a peach
She's a
Fuck with that

PRINCE - Peach


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Fiebre dijo...

Feliz y currado melocotón.
En eso yo también soy "especialista" :D