sábado, 1 de noviembre de 2008


B4 we get started
R we all alone?
'Cause eye'm about 2 get open-hearted
It's time 2 send Ur company home and turn off Ur cell phone
Baby, can't U c, eye just want 2 get U satisfied (satisfied)

This is gonna b a long night (long)
A little bit longer afternoon (afternoon)
Girl, if we get this thing right (ooh)
Oh, U gonna get satisfied real soon (can't u see)
Can't U see eye'm just tryin' 2 get U satisfied (satisfied) yea

Eye ain't talking about nothing physical
'Cause 4play starts in the mind (in the mind)
Eye'm just trying 2 get U 2 think about doing things
That U've always wanted but could never find

Eye'm gonna seek this thing like a buried
treasure (seek and destroy)
Like Columbus sailing over the sea
Until eye discover the land beyond expertise and chastity
Eye'm just trying 2 get U satisfied (satisfied)

Eye'm sure U had another lover (another lover)
Let me tell U baby, all trick aside
Eye can get U out of Ur body
Have U ever felt like U were dyin' and felt satisfied?

3 comentarios:

LOLITA LOP dijo...

mi ositous y tu colgante favorito ... a ti no te gustan mis tulipanes y a mi no me gusta tu Prince , jajaja , estamos empatadas ... oye muy guapa tu foto , besos , mas besos para ti ... aunque igual te he pegado el bixo que me ha tenido en cama un par de días ... vaya , lástima no haberme dado cuenta antes ...

Lola dijo...

Qué guapa la foto y qué guapa tú...anda, que no se diga por piropos : )


He colgado tu foto en mi blog, si quieres que la quite, me lo dices